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Parish Council

The parish council is a non-political body answerable chiefly to the Annual Parish Meeting, to which it must report every year, and it must act with tacit approval of that meeting.

It has powers to regulate open spaces, provide recreation facilities, manage footpaths etc. and has the right to be consulted by the borough council on local and planning matters.  The recommendation or rejection of planning applications forms one of the most important duties undertaken by the council.

As the parish has a small electorate, a maximum of 5 councillors sit on the parish council.  They serve for a period of four years before being re-elected or replaced, and must make a declaration of acceptance of office and agree to duly and faithfully fulfil the duties of the council to the best of their judgement and abilities.

Parish council meetings take place about 4 times a year and dates are published in advance in the village newsletter and on the Events page of this website.

Meetings can be attended by members of the general public, although they are only entitled to speak at the Annual Parish Meeting which is held annually between 1 March and 1 June.

The Clerk to the council (not fixed term) is also the treasurer of funds, and acts as the Proper Officer of the council.  The Clerk, as the Proper Officer, is responsible for retaining certain documents including minutes.  The minutes of meetings over the last 12 months are available on the  Agendas & Minutes  page of this website.

Some of the work of the parish council includes:

  • enabled provision of 8 bungalows at Southrope Green
  • enabled provision of 6 affordable houses at Hockleys Lane
  • organised the annual village clean-up campaign
  • promoted the Village Centre Plan, culminating in Herriard Green with its new sports centre, pedestrian way, tennis courts and children’s play area
  • encouraged and lobbied for provision of traffic calming devices for parts of the village
  • organises events like village drinks and the annual Fete in conjunction with other village associations

If you would like to know more about what the parish council does or how it may be able to help, please contact any member of the  parish council team .